The Alabama Recreation and Parks Association represents more than 800 professionals delivering park, recreation and therapeutic recreation services in local, county, state, school district, private and agency settings. The benefits of Parks and Recreation are endless, serving individuals, our communities, our environment and our economy.

ARPA Mission Statement

To advance the profession through leadership, education, advocacy, promotion and service.

The Benefits are Endless.. and we can prove it!

  • Benefits to the Economy
    Community tourism and special events, property value benefits and increased business opportunities.
  • Benefits to the Individual
    Psychological benefits, personal growth and development, social and cultural benefits.
  • Benefits to the Environment
    The environmental and economic benefits of urban trees and forests have a significant impact on increased real estate values, energy savings, improved air quality and storm water management. Sports fishing activities alone account for between $1 and $2 billion in Alabama’s economic gain.
  • Benefits to the Community
    Decreased crime rates, Enhanced quality of life and produces pride in the community through social interactions and community projects.
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